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QTP Training in Chennai

Learn how to use QTP from beginner level to advanced techniques which is taught by experienced working professionals. With our QTP Training in Chennai you’ll learn concepts in expert level with practical manner.

Automation testing is introduced in project or product due to few specified reasons. Progression (New requirements) and Regression testing are performed in long-term iterative project. Revenue (ROI) for the companies will generate through the progression. So every tester need to spend more time in progression which is incrementally developed in daily basis. We need ensure that the existing features of the application are working as expected even after introduction of new requirements that is known as Regression testing. To perform the regression testing we are moving for automation testing.Benifits of the testing are Fast, Repeatable, Reusable, Reliable and comprehensive.

Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool which is primarily used for functional regression test automation. QTP usingVBScript to specify the test procedure, and to manipulate the objects, properties and controls of the application under test.QTP latest version is QTP11.5 or UFT 11.5. QTP is Keyword-Driven automation testing. There are two views in the QTP – Keyword view and Expert View. Important core activities of the QTP is specified below.

  • Frameworks – linear scripting, Test library, Data driven, Keyword driven, Modular and Hybrid.
  • Object repository, Object identification and object spy.
  • Checkpoints
  • Transactions
  • Recording modes
  • Function Generator and RO properties
  • Test parameterization
  • synchronization & verification
  • Modular actions creation & re-usability
  • debugging tools usage
  • virtual objects
  • Recovery Scenario manager
  • Output Values
  • Descriptive programming
  • VB Scripting and its features
Course Name QTP
Category Automation Testing Tool
Venue Greens Technologies
Official URL QTP Training
Demo Classes At Your Convenience
Training Methodology 10% Theory & 90% Practical
Course Duration 30-40 Hours
Class Availability Weekdays & Weekends
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QTP Course Syllabus

Introduction to Automation Testing

  • What is Automation Testing
  • When Automation is needed
  • When Automation is not needed
  • Advantages of Automation Testing
  • Disadvantages of Automation Testing
  • What are the popular Automation Tools in the industry
  • What is the difference between various Automation Testing Tools

Introduction to QTP

  • QTP IDE , Basic Components in QTP , Addin Manager
  • How does QTP works/Object recognition concept
  • Record a sample Test
  • Understand the Script
  • Execution of a Test
  • Enhancement of recorded script

Framework in QTP

  • What is Framework
  • Types of Framework
  • Linear Scripting
  • Structured Scripting
  • Data Driven
  • Keyword Driven
  • Modular Driven
  • Hybrid

Object Repository

  • QTP Classes and Objects
  • Details of OR
  • Types of OR
  • How to create OR
  • Test Object Vs Run time Object
  • Configuring Object identification
  • Object Spy
  • Object Properties
  • Logical Name
  • Mandatory/Assistive properties /Ordinal identifier
  • Smart Identification
  • Compare and Merge options

Recording Modes

  • What is Recording Modes
  • Types of Recording Modes
  • Normal Recording Mode
  • Analog Recording Mode
  • Low Level Recording Mode


  • What is Checkpoint
  • Why Checkpoint is needed
  • Types of Checkpoint
  • Different ways of Inserting Checkpoints


  • What is Parameterization
  • Why Parameterization is needed
  • Types of Parameterization
  • Datatable,Random Number and Environment Number Parameterization
  • How to access data from Global Sheet and Local sheet


  • What is Action
  • Types of Actions
  • Methods to import an Action
  • Call to New
  • Call to Existing
  • Call to Copy

Regular Expression

  • Regular Expression
  • When to Use Regular Expression
  • How to use Regular Expression in Descriptive Programming

Recovery Scenarios

  • Handling the exception using Recovery Scenario Manager
  • Usage of Recovery Scenario Wizard
  • Completing a Recovery Scenario
  • Creation and Association of .QRS file for Recovery Scenario

Step Generator

  • What is Step Generator
  • How to Generate script using Step Generator
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of using Step Generator

Virtual Object

  • What is Virtual Object
  • When Virtual Object is used
  • Limitations of Virtual Object


  • When Debugging is used
  • Step Into
  • Step Out
  • Step Over

Descriptive Programming

  • What is Descriptive Programming
  • Types of Descriptive Programming
  • Working with DP Object
  • Working with Object Collection

Basics of VB Scripting

  • Data Types, Variables, Constant
  • Operators-Arithmetic,comparison,Concatenation,Logical
  • Conditional construct If Then Else and Select Case
  • Looping Construct Do,While,For Next, For Each Next
  • Arrays and Functions
  • Important Inbuilt functions

Some real time Scenarios

  • How to start in real time projects
  • How to connect to the Database
  • How to get input value from the external excel sheet

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