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Informix Training in Chennai

We are giving this Informix training by the professional who are working with IBM Informix databases are more number of years with perfect real time experience in their hands.our objective of this Informix training in Chennai is to give more knowledge for the participants in a developer perspective.

What is Informix?

Informix is a RDBMS like oracle sql server.RDBMS is necessity of any company to store the data in proper rows and columns. Around in the year 2000 Informix is very leading RDBMS in the world.Infact held 2nd position and giving tough competition to the oracle DBMS but the things changed once IBM bought Informix corporation and this scattered in the business of Informix and support and they try to achieve more height but they made more destroy to the well-established product of Informix. But now it is again getting more momentum because of the new releases which gives hope for Informix developer as well as customers

Why Informix?

Informix is not performing well in the market for more than 10 years but past the couple of years it is showing some good progress on the right track. So,if you want to be a part of RDBMS as database developer can think about getting into Informix .Informix is an very old RDBMS which has the strong customer base.

What we do at Training in Greens Technologies for Informix?

We are going to have a hands-on practical training for Informix data server, Informix database server, with real time working professional on this,anyone wants to learn this technology has to bring their system with decent configuration to get install the Informix server by themselves.

Whom Informix is suitable for?

Informix is suitable for anyone there is most experienced guys in oracle learning Informix now a days because of their project or their understanding about the industry like one RDBMS is not necessary or right way. They have multiple RDBMS knowledge to prove themselves as a database the people who are on the Informix or whom are available on different DBMS can learn this technology..

Job opportunities in Informix

If you are an already experienced database developer surely will get a chance to work with Informix if the project is available in that.Because the company really needs the existing developer on database rather than hiring the Freshers .

Course Name Teradata
Category Oracle DataBase & Teradata Database
Venue Greens Technologies
Official URL greenstechnologyadyar
Demo Classes At Your Convenience
Training Methodology 10% Theory & 90% Practical
Course Duration 30-40 Hours
Class Availability Weekdays & Weekends
For Demo Class Email ID -

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