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Core Java Training in Chennai

This training provides you the wide space to explore the Java from basics to the advanced features incorporated which is taught by the experts of the Java as well as working professionals of oriented field.

The term ‘Java’ refers to both a programming language and also a platform.The ‘Java’ programming language is considered to be all time popular and widely used languages in the software industry because ofits high efficiency, fast, reliable, portable and has extensive support from a large end-user community. Java language has its own pattern called syntax and also has a set of custom, pre-defined code files called API (Application Programming Interfaces). These APIs provide common utility functions that simplify programming in Java. The Java language is object oriented and has many advanced features comparing to other high level languages like C or C++.

The ‘Java’ platform refers to Java’s own operating environment known as JVM (Java Virtual Machine) that runs the Java programs. This JVM is what makes Java programs ‘portable’ which means a Java program can be run on any hardware/machine without making any modifications to the source code. These features makes Java more flexible and annexed with more features makes Java as constantly inevitable.

Our expert premises covers Java course at unique level in all aspects Technical as well real time oriented. Our aim is to nourish each Java candidate to be prepared strongly in concepts to make them skilled in basics. We laid out syllabus at unique level, so that the Java course deliverance should not only be level of certificate mode but also in the level of real time focused. We keep ourselves updated with IT new technology needs and enhance our Course syllabus, to deliver best knowledge with up-to-date thesis

Our Java Training Institute is located in Chennai and fully filled with real-time faculties and top consultants in IT sector.

Course Name Core Java
Category Application Programming Language
Venue Greens Technologies
Official URL Core Java Training
Demo Classes At Your Convenience
Training Methodology 10% Theory & 90% Practical
Course Duration 30-40 Hours
Class Availability Weekdays & Weekends
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Core Java Training Syllabus

A First Look

  • A Simple Java Class
  • Java’s “Hello World” Program

Java Basics

  • Language and Platform Features
  • Program Life Cycle
  • The Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

Class and Object Basics

  • The Object Model and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Classes, References, and Instantiation
  • Adding Data to a Class Definition
  • Adding Methods (Behavior)

More on Classes and Objects

  • Accessing data, the “this” variable
  • Encapsulation and Access Control, public and private Access
  • Constructors and Initialization
  • static Members of a Class
  • Scopes, Blocks, References to Objects

Flow of Control[briefly due to attendee experience]

  • Branching: if, if-else, switch
  • Iteration: while, do-while, for, break, continue

Strings and Arrays

  • String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder
  • Arrays, Primitive Arrays, Arrays of Reference Types
  • varargs


  • Package Overview – Using Packages to Organize Code
  • import statements
  • Creating Packages, package Statement, Required Directory Structure
  • Finding Classes, Packages and Classpath

Composition and Inheritance

  • Using Composition to Deal With Complexity
  • Composition/HAS-A, Delegation
  • Using Inheritance and Polymorphism to share commonality
  • IS-A, extends, Inheriting Features, Overriding Methods, Using Polymorphism
  • Class Object
  • Abstract Classes


  • Using Interfaces to Define Types
  • Interfaces and Abstract Classes


  • Exceptions and the Exception Hierarchy
  • try and catch
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Program Flow with Exceptions
  • finally


  • JDBC basics
  • JDBC Architecture
  • Using JDBC drivers & DriverManager
  • Class Connection and connecting to a database
  • Class Statement and executing SQL statements
  • Other statement types
  • Driver types

Java Collections and Generics

  • The Collections Framework and its API
  • Collections and Java Generics
  • Collection, Set, List, Map, Iterator
  • Autoboxing
  • Collections of Object (non-generic)
  • Using ArrayList, HashSet, and HashMap
  • for-each Loop
  • Processing Items With an Iterator
  • More About Generics

The Java Streams Model

  • Delegation-Based Stream Model
  • InputStream and OutputStream
  • Media-Based Streams
  • Filtering Streams
  • Readers and Writers

Working with Files

  • File Class
  • Modeling Files and Directories
  • File Streams
  • Random-Access Files

Advanced Stream Techniques

  • Buffering
  • Data Streams
  • Push-Back Parsing
  • Byte-Array Streams and String Readers and Writers

Java Serialization

  • The Challenge of Object Serialization
  • Serialization API
  • Serializable Interface
  • ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream
  • The Serialization Engine
  • Transient Fields
  • readObject and writeObject
  • Externalizable Interface


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